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Stereolithography (SLA) and Sintering Process

A fundamental step towards the obtainment of a fully working marketable item, prototyping also offers clients the opportunity to work closely with Cs plastic to achieve the best possible result thanks to the implementation of the right materials and best technology. Prototyping, to all intents and purposes represents the vital link between the idea and the realization of the finished product.

We firmly believe that creating and testing prototypes is a crucial investment as they directly affect the design and development of the final mould destined for mass production. Prototyping allows Cs plastic to:

  • verify with accuracy errors  which might have occurred in the early stages of the design process.
  • To address issues connected with the 3D mould before moving into the real production thus avoiding expensive adjustments on a later stage.
  • Test the markets by showing the new prototype in specialized events and fairs.

Cs plastic uses stereolithography machines and sintering processes for the creation of prototypes.