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CS Plastic 




From the initial design to the finishing process/finished product,  our clients can benefit from our 30-year experience in the production of moulds and moulding of  plastic materials.

For the past 30 years we have been producing high quality items in  thermoplastic which are of common use in everyday life.  Partnership with us means our clients enjoy the benefits of working with a highly efficient company which employs cutting edge state of the art technology. Our unique experience and know-how in this field allows us to understand and meet the exacting demands of our customers for each specific project.


Our core business is to deal with clients who operate  in various  industrial sectors  that require  2D and 3D moulds,  moulding of items, materials and colours  in order  to obtain the desired finished product.

Since 1987, we have been active in the design and production of moulds and moulding of thermoplastic materials. Cs plastic has constantly invested in state-of-the-art technology and thanks to our know-how, we are able to meet our clients exacting needs. Our attention to detail and expertise accompanies our clients throughout the entire production process. WE are able to implement extremely sophisticated production processes such as gas injection moulding; multi-material injection moulding (overmolding) and metal insert moulding.  Our core business focuses on the production of two- dimentional and 3D moulds, flanked by the production of materials and colours, covering the whole process, from the initial design to completion. Furthermore we also offer our customers a wide range of supporting services such as the research of suitable materials, the optimization of the automatization process, prototyping, pre-assembling, and packaging. We carry out regular quality control checks on the moulds and the various parts we produce with dedicated optical devices in order to ensure that the moulds and the items are tested in each phase of the production process before delivery takes place.